The Pamir

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A lifeboat in a church

St Jacob's Church
Built in 1334, St Jacob's church, in Lübeck, a three-nave building, was the church of seamen and captains. It is one of the few churches that escaped the Palmarum bombing, in 1942.

In the north tower chapel, a memorial is dedicated to the seamen that never returned.

The Pamir's lifeboat in St Jacob's church

A Pamir's lifeboat is exhibited there.

St Jacob's church organ

The Pamir's lifeboat in St Jacob's church

This lifeboat was brought back by the Passat, which is to be seen now in Travemünde, near Lübeck.

Another item of interest in the church is the "small organ" in its 16th century original state. Organs concerts are performed there in their original version ante Jean-Sebastian Bach.

The Pamir's lifeboat N°2 in 2003

St Jacob's Church

Near St Jacob's church, one can still see a group of three floors brick houses, built in 1601, which served as a presbytery.

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The wrecks of the Pamir

The Pamir