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Heinrich Hauser
Heinrich Hauser (1901-1955) was a german journalist who embarked aboard the Pamir during his voyage between Hamburg and Talcahuano, from january till april 1930.

He was invited by the city of Hamburg and the maritime transport company Laeisz.

He shot a movie, took photos and published an account, translated into english under the title Fair Wind and Fouls, during these 110 days of voyage.

The movie is available in video tape and the book may still be found used (cf. references).

Nineteen years later, William Stark boarded for the last passage of the Cape Horn.

Twenty-eight years later, Hilary Tunstall-Behrens will also write his account of his voyage to Rio.


Pull for shore!

Siesta over the waves

The sailmaker looks up at his world

The second helmsman


Man at the wheel

At the braces near Cape Horn

After the squall

Top mizzenmast

Cape Horn sea (Hauser ?)

Cape Horn sea

Top mizzenmast

Working on the yard-arm

Men aloft

Awaiting orders from above

Pamir stands by

Full sail

Trade winds and storm

Youngsters in the jib-net

Angling for strange fishes

Climbing the shrouds (3)

Sewing sails

Rope around capstan

Jib-boom and jib-net

After the storm

Drying gear

Drying gear

Rigging made ready


Stay-sail hurriedly fastened

Jigger topgallant staysail

Stay-sail up

Repair Ref. Pamir Eigel Wiese

Fore mast and jibs

Fore mast and jibs

Working on the yard-arm



Climbing the shrouds

A seaman, 1930 (6)

A seaman, 1930 (6)

A seaman, 1930 (6)

Captain R. Clauß, 1930, H. Hauser's movie (8)

Captain R. Clauß, 1930, H. Hauser's movie (9)

Captain R. Clauß, 1930, H. Hauser's movie (7)

The movie


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