The Pamir

New Zealand, flag

Under New Zealand flag

The Pamir made her first voyage to New Zealand, at Auckland, in January 1938 with 4246 tons of guano.

In July 1941, while in Wellington, the Pamir was seized as war capture by the New Zealand government for the Finland had attacked the U.S.S.R. in June.

The crew of finns, swedish and danish was arrested for the duration of the war but were allowed to work and found employment in building construction, retail and a bar.

The Pamir in Wellington shed 21 in 1941

The Pamir at Oakland in 1943
During this period, two finns get maried with New Zealand girls and didn't want to go when the others put back to sea.

The Pamir was used during the war for transports to North America, under New Zealand Flag with homeport Mariehamn and with a crew and officers mainly from New Zealand.

Union Steamship Company's head office in Dunedin
Following an important refit (fittings, winch, refrigeration system), she was operated by the Union Steamship Company.

She made overall ten voyages under the New-Zealand flag, out of which five to San Francisco and three to Vancouver.

She transported grain on the forth travel and wheat or coal on the return voyage.

The Pamir at Vancouver in 1945
On the return of the third voyage to Vancouver, she transported coal, loaded at Union Bay.

The Pamir at Union Bay in 1946

Lowering of the flag in 1948

After the end of the war, she still did a voyage to Sydney and another to London, where she was visited by the Princess Elizabeth and the Prince Philip of Edinburg.

She was handed back on November 12th 1948 only and did still a grain transport together with the Passat in 1948-1949.

A Princess aboard

Under finnish flag (2)

The Pamir